A couple of weeks ago I was contemplating whether or not to go to a Sound Healer workshop.  It was really out of my comfort zone and a friend of mine I was hoping to go with was not able to go, so I was on my own.  Deep down I knew I needed to go for my own inner growth.  Spirit was nudging me and I was being reluctant to listen.  A couple of days before I was to attend the workshop, I went outside to do the chicken chores.  I went into the barn to fill the chicken feed and there on the ground right in front of the feed bin was a beautiful dead woodpecker.  I couldn’t believe it!  How did this bird get into the barn?  Crying, I scooped up the woodpecker and brought him out to the woods.  I rested him by a tree and covered him up with branches and pinecones.  I thanked him for his life and apologized for him getting stuck in the barn.  I gave him a lovely burial ceremony.  I then went for a walk down by the brook behind my house and had a good cry.  I have had a lot going on in my life, family, work etc… and I really needed a good release.  After I had been down there for a bit I was getting ready to head back up to the house I heard a faint knocking of a woodpecker in the distance. What a gift.  When I got back in the house I looked up woodpecker in Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer “A storm is brewing, either literally or metaphorically; but have faith, as you’re protected no matter what.  It’s a good time to do some drumming and/or rattling, whether on your own or with a group of friends.  You’re entering into a time of abundance and plenty.  Go to a place of Nature and lie on your back on the ground, breathe slowly and steadily, and see if you can feel Mother Earth’s heartbeat.  Pay particular attention to your own cycles and rhythms and do your best to honor them by aligning yourself with them, rather than being contrary to them.”  Wow! I have been asking for clear messages and I guess I got one! I feel woodpecker has been with me and I have been honoring his spirit.  Last Friday I was at my computer and I heard a bird outside. It kept chirping and swooping by the window like it was trying to get my attention.  I got up to look and didn’t see anything so I sat back down.   Not a few moments later a bird hits the screen of the window and startles me.  I look back out the window and there in the tree is a beautiful woodpecker!