“I was a skeptic and now I am a believer!! What an amazing experience I had with Kimberly. She is honest, calming and sensitive. I was amazed at her ability!! She was dead on with her reading and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and calm after my reading and reiki session. Thank you for bringing a sense of calm and center back to my life. I will continue to see her!” ~Liz
“Kimberly has both provided and uncovered guidance along my spiritual journey in ways that even she is not aware of. Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do for our changing world!” ~Paul, Belmont, NH
“A wonderful, life-changing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you Kimberly!” ~Karen
“Kimberly’s reading was accurate and professional. She was able to pick up on emotions and health issues that I am experiencing that she knew nothing about previously. Kimberly contacted a relative who had passed. She repeated exactly what she was told and used the words that the loved one spoke. Her accuracy astounded me. The reading was inspiring and truthful; Kimberly is a very talented psychic medium.” ~ Joey
“The first words out of Kimberly’s mouth blew me away – a message from my recently deceased sister-in-law. She used a childhood nickname that only my brother and his deceased wife knew.” ~ Mary, Dunbarton, NH
“My reiki session was energizing and calming like the sea, renewal.” ~Donna, Laconia, NH
“What an incredible experience I had with Kimberly. We laughed and we cried throughout my reading. I would definitely recommend Kimberly. She is absolutely amazing!” ~Sharon, Gilmanton, NH