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What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

Psychic: reads energy of here and now

Medium: connects you to someone who has passed on 

Not all Psychics are Mediums, but all Mediums are Psychic.

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Can you predict the future?

No, I do not predict the future. I will give you possible outcomes related to your current situation based on the energy I am feeling during a session. 

I do not advise or counsel on major life changes (ex. I will not tell you to get a divorce if you are currently unhappy). We are humans and have free will.  We can certainly alter our own path.

What happens during a Medium Reading?

First, you need to think about what you are hoping to get out of a reading.  Is it connecting to a deceased love one? Life advice specifics? Setting an intention for your reading is critical.

Then, I read the energy. Live energy (us in physical form) comes through the same way as those whom have crossed over. 

Who (or what) might show up during a reading?

The Living: Sometimes, I will talk about someone whom is still “with us.” This does not mean they are going to pass tomorrow it just means we need to talk about that person. 

The Big Energies: If we have loved ones whom are a big energy and like to be the star of the show, they can sometimes “take over” a reading. If this is not the person you were hoping to connect with, I need to kindly ask them to step aside so another can step forward.  

The Unfiltered Messages: I do not filter myself during readings. Anything flowing through I disclose to you.  Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything to you now but at a later time it might. I don’t want to miss anything.  

The No-Shows: I will not tell you someone is here if they are not.  Sometimes it is not the right time for you or for them to connect.  


All readings are meant to be interactive. I look for acknowledgement from you and want to work towards the intention you set. Any time during a reading, if there are specific questions you want answered please ask me if I am not already answering them.

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How will I know you’re really talking to the right person?

Our loved ones come through as they were in the physical.  If they were a bit grumpy or used a colorful language they come through as such.  I will share these details with you so you can make the association.

I ask though, please do not get hung up on just one thing (ex. name) for proof of connection. Though names are important to us here, there are other ways to identify or prove connection to a person. Absorb all of what is being said to you. 

Truly, the messages coming through can be greater than the identity of the person sharing them.

Can my deceased relatives see what I’m doing every day?

While the energy of our deceased relatives is still all around us and they do know what we are up to, they are not concerned with daily, earthly matters (such as sexuality or ego).

They are not watching you have sex or staring at you in the bathroom; these things don’t matter to them anymore. Your relatives have become love and light beings.

Will I be able to get family secrets?

I have yet to have Spirit disclose any family secrets.  If they were tight mouthed when they were here, they usually still are.

Do pets come through?

Yes, both living and deceased.  They can be quite comical.

What is Mystic Diving Healing?

Mystic Divine Healing is an experience where you will be brought into energetic balance using different healing techniques at your comfort level.  Blockages are removed and your spiritual body as well as your physical body will feel relaxed and lighter.

What happens during Mystic Diving Healing?

First, we will sit and discuss what your intentions are.  Basically, what are you hoping to get out of the session, stress relief, guidance, mental clarity? 

Then, you will lay on the table fully clothed. I will analyze your physical body as well as your emotional being. I will gently rest my hands upon you, non-intrusively, in a series of positions from the crown of the head to the feet.

I will connect with Angels, Ascended Masters and Animal Spirit. After the session I will discuss with you what I discovered and offer guidance.

What else can I expect during the session?

  • Chakra Cleansing & Alignment: all of your chakras will be cleansed and aligned

  • Smudging: with the smoke of Palo Santo washing all of the debris from your body

  • A Range of Sensations: some people feel warmth, tingling, or coolness. Other sensations may include seeing colored lights, faces, memories like a movie playing or feeling as if you are floating.

If at any time you are feeling uncomfortable just let me know and I will stop the service. You do not have to stay on the table for the full time if you aren’t feeling this service is for you.

Does a Mystic Divine Healing session also include a Medium Reading?

No. The focus of the Mystic Diving Healing is to tune into your energy and explore the intentions you set. Though I may tell you if a deceased loved one is there to say hello and give support in the session, I do not delve deeper than that. I have found that once I open that door with a client it is hard for the client to close the door and transition back to their own energy work.

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Where is your office?

My home and office are in Gilmanton, NH.