Kimberly Hancock
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Divine Connections

Helping you feel joy after loved ones pass, experience relief from emotional burdens and create a clear path to full spiritual and emotional healing.


medium readings

Connecting you to the spirits and messages of loved ones who have passed

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mystic divine healing

Healing and guidance through higher vibrational energies

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Sacred Notes

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“I like to remind people their loved ones are still around.”

In 2009, I started helping clients create clear paths to full spiritual and emotional healing after loved ones pass or any time a person needs a spiritual reset.

We often believe when someone dies, they are gone. If we don’t see them or feel them as they were, we think we have lost them.

My work is to remind you that our loved ones are still around. They are still with us, still energetic and sometimes, they are cracking jokes. Our job is to listen.

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